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Personality: Gustav is very a quiet and a cute person. He’s also very sensitive and can get moody and sulky really easily. He’s always the first one to get up in the mornings and waits till the rest of the band drags themselves out of bed while he’s already made breakfast and gotten ready.

When you first get to know him - you realize that he is such a sweet heart!

He also enjoys showing his body off when on stage and usually strips his shirt off.

Georg is also teased a lot from the twins due to his clumsiness. On how he would create a romantic date: I would just try to be who I am and not put on any fancy cloths to impress the girl.

- on what is good or bad about having a twin brother I thought it was cool.Mi volt a legundorítóbb dolog, amit valaha csináltál?Gustav: Georg egyszer Sprite-ot vett a szájába, és az enyémbe köpte.Father: His parents divorced when he and Tom were 7 years old. The twins remained in care of their mother and her new husband Gordon Trümper, a guitarist in the rock band Fatun who inspired the twins to start doing music. Distinctive signs: Three piercings - one on the right eyebrow (since the age of 12), one in his tongue (14) and one on his left nipple (20); Four tattoos - one with the band logo on the back of his neck ( since he was 15) and a star on the right hip (since he was almost 17). He wants one more tattoo just below the one he has on his hip.To celebrate his 18th birthday, he got a tattoo on his left inner forearm which reads Freiheit 89 (Freedom 89) which celebrates the year he was born and the fact that he is now, at 18, an adult and his latest tattoo is on the left side of his torso. Wir kehren zum Ursprung zurück.” which means “We’ll Never Stop Screaming. Favorite foods: Pizza, spaghetti, hamburgers, waffles, Königsberger Klopse, sweets, rice and milk.

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