Dating in winter

Leaving yourself open to the possibility of meeting a nice guy while you are out living your life is a much healthier mentality than living your life to meet a nice guy.

Do things that you do anyway, like catch up with friends and try new things.

An actively hostile environment is not a great setting for picking up chicks.” But even in warmer regions, ones that lack frosty fall nights and icy mounds of snow, humans feel the same deep drives.

“Around the world, even in places where there isn’t much variation in the weather, there’s still seasonal cultural variation,” Sharp says.

But in the fall, we’re interested in finding someone with long-term potential.” In fact, some unofficial Facebook analysis notes a big bump in breakups in March and April, when we’re gearing up for summer fun, but a nadir in the couple-y fall months. Biology is on your side if you’re looking out for the Big L. Looking back on the long reach of human history, we’ve always placed a huge premium on, uh, not dying.Nurture your friendships and seek to inspire your passions.But engage those around you, particularly men, while you are at it.You don’t have to walk up to a guy and introduce yourself, but it wouldn’t hurt to smile and introduce yourself when there is an easy “in.” Men typically want to meet women, but most men are pretty intimidated by them.So help a brother out by sending the signal that you won’t reject him should he want to talk.

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