Fat admirers dating sites

It is just as well; my ego has been bruised enough by my divorce and I don’t need it any more bruised.

I also left my marriage due to my husband being gay so I only want someone who is 101% attracted to me in my life from now on!

I even had one who told me he loved my pot belly stomach.

The book I read, Big Big Love , talked about this issue so I was prepared for it but not completely ready!

Fat admirers: What are they and how can the be in the closet?

And since 65% of women are size 14 and up then 65% of men are probably fat admirers since someone is married to or dating most of those women!!Luckily I was not attracted to him so the feeling was mutual.Turns out he IS a fat admirer, he just prefers women with a more boyish shape.Only openly proud fat admirers for me in my future!Later Update My catfish dumped that woman and moved to my town and we are still friends.

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