Sqldataadapter not updating

To the client, a stored procedure acts similar to a function.

You call the stored procedure by name, you can pass it parameter values, and it can return parameter values back to your client.

You can use the RETURN keyword to exit from the stored procedure.

This is where you can send an integer status value back to the caller.

Now that you know how to create a basic stored procedure, let's create a more advanced stored procedure that includes parameters.

Note: Stored procedures can also use a Return parameter and an Input Output parameter type.You declare the parameters of the stored procedure as local variables by preceding the parameter's name with an @ sign.In addition to the name, you define the data type and the direction of the parameter.The Td Command Builder registers with the Td Data Adapter events.At runtime, during Batch Update, the Td Data Adapter will fire the events and the Td Command Builder object will have an opportunity to generate Insert, Update or Delete commands based on the Td Data Adapter. Now to specify an explicit Transaction we simply add a fourth rule.

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